The Thar Desert

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The Thar Desert

Thar Desert.png

The Thar Desert extends between the Aravalli Hills in the north-east, the Great Rann of Kutch along the coast and the alluvial plains of the Indus River in the west and north-west.  The western part of the Great desert slopes towards the Indus valley of Pakistan and the southern part slopes down to south, i.e., Runn of Kutch, Gujarat.

It extends through the Jaisalmer, Bikanir, Jodhpur, Barmer districts of India and Khairpur, Bahawalpur districts of Pakistan. The area of the Great Indian Desert is more than two lakh square kilometers.

This region gets scanty rainfall which is less than 150 mm in a year. Hence they climate is arid and vegetation is scanty. Luni is the only large river but some streams appear during rainy season. Crescent-shaped dunes abound in this area.

Jaisalmer is known as the jewel of Thar desert and famous for its amazing forts, golden sand dunes and colorful culture.


Jaisalmer, Thar desert


Jaisalmer,  sand dunes of the Thar desert


Jaisalmer,  Camel cart within the Thar desert

Driving through Thar Desert

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