Age Of Exploration

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See also The Rise Of Empires in the Americas 600-1550

Spanish History 700 to 1600.jpg
The Age of Exploration is synonimous with Spanish colonization of the Americas.

  1. Exploration in the 15th Century
    1. Christopher Columbus
      1. Columbian Exchange
    2. Treaty Of Tordesillas1494
    3. Portuguese Exploration
      1. Famous Portuguese Conquistadors Pedro Álvarez Cabral
    4. Spanish Exploration
      1. The Influence of the Spanish conquistadors in the New World
    5. Famous Spanish Conquistadors
      1. Hernán Cortés
      2. Pedro de Alvarado
      3. Francisco Pizarro
      4. Hernando de Soto
      5. Nuño de Guzmán
  2. Exploration in the 16th Century
    1. 1519: Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire: Hernán Cortés
    2. 1532: Spanish_conquest_of_the_Inca_Empire
  3. Major events
    1. 1500 Pedro Alvares Cabral discovers Brazil
    2. 1521 Aztecs surrender to Cortes’s forces; Mexico under Spanish Crown
    3. 1531 Pizarro destroys the Inca regime; Peru under Spanish Crown
    4. Ecuador seized by Spanish
    5. Robert de La Salle 1682 – explored the entire Mississippi River and on the west side of it for France. He named this are “Louisiana,” because of the French king, King Louis XIV.


  1. The Explorers The Dawning of the Era of Exploration

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