Age Of Exploration: The Spanish and The Portuguese

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See also The Rise Of Empires in the Americas 600-1550
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  1. Spain and Portugal conquered the New World in the 16th Century starting with Columbus
  2. The invincible Spanish Armada was defeated in 1588, allowing other countries to make foray into the New World
  3. Starting with 17th Century, other countries conquered territories from Spain in the New World

Table Of Content
  1. Exploration in the 15th Century
    1. Why Exploration?See here
    2. Christopher Columbus
    3. Treaty Of Tordesillas1494
    4. Conquest of Mexico (1519-21) and Cuba by Hernán Cortés (1485-1547)
    5. Portuguese ExplorationFrom Wiki
      1. Atlantic Exploration (1415–1488)
      2. Indian Ocean explorations (1497–1542)
      3. Map of Portuguese discoveries and explorations (1415–1543)From Wiki
      4. Map of the Portuguese Empire 1415-1999
      5. Pedro Álvares Cabral 1500From Wiki
      6. Vasco da GamaFrom Wiki
  2. Spanish Exploration
    1. Christopher Columbus
      1. Columbian Exchange
    2. The Influence of the Spanish conquistadors in the New World

Age of Discovery, 1420–1550

1 – 117 AD Under Roman Empire [See Map here]

Spanish History 700 to 1600.jpg


  1. The Explorers The Dawning of the Era of Exploration

Portuguese in the East
A very brief sketch of the rise and de- Portuguesedevelopment of Portuguese power inthe East up to .this time will not beout of place here, some notes on their operationsin the Further East being reserved for a laterchapter. Bartholomew Dias, sailing at the commandof John II. of Portugal, 1486, was the first navigatorto double the Cape of Good Hope, reaching AlgoaBay. He was followed by Vasco de Gama who,anchoring his three ships off Calicut, 1498, proved tobe the pioneer of Portuguese power in India. Thenew arrivals first opened negotiations with theZamorin of Calicut, the suzerain of the various kings or rajas on the Malabar coast, but in thebeginning discovered that they had formidablerivals in the Muhammadan Arabs, or Moors as theycalled them. These traders had long enjoyed theIndian monopoly, sending their goods either to the Persian Gulf or, via Suez and Alexandria, to theMediterranean. But by common consent the great Albuquerque, governor and captain-general, 1509-15, was the real founder of the Portuguese dominion in the East.

Spanish Conquest of Mexico, meeting of Cortés and Moctezuma II


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